Data is silver,
Information is golden.

Turn data into actual information with state-of-the-art technologies. Automate tedious manual processes, find the right information at the right time, and monitor current developments.

The digital transformation is in full swing.

Inspired by the tremendous technological advances of the past several years, many leading businesses have and continue to adopt advanced technologies to overcome operational bottlenecks. Do you recognize any of the below three problem situations?

Problem:My team is constantly slowed down by tedious manual tasks.

Solution: Business Automation

Use cases: Automatic contract validation, KYC verification, document summarization

Problem:We often struggle to clearly answer business-related questions & make decisions.

Solution: Search Engines

Use cases: Question answering systems, knowledge graphs, enterprise search engines

Problem:My organization struggles to keep track of current developments.

Solution: Media Monitoring

Use cases: Market monitoring, compliance monitoring, news monitoring

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