Automation Ideation

This expert-led workshop for knowledge-based service providers will provide you with the tools and guidance to discover automation potentials within your business.

Automation lies at the very heart of the digital transformation. It enables your business to optimize everyday operations by reducing errors & costs, increasing productivity & scalability, and freeing up resources so you can focus on innovation and growth.

The first step in any automation endeavor is to assess your current business processes and identify areas where the latest state-of-the-art technologies can be used to drive automation. It’s very advisable to consult with an automation specialist as only deep technical expertise makes an accurate assessment of your company’s automation potentials possible.

This expert-led workshop will guide you & your team through the process of discovering opportunities for automation within your business. It features interactive hands-on sessions and case studies inspiring the participants to open their minds to the possibilies of automation. The detailed insights thus generated can later on be used to implement customized automation solutions.

Don’t let tedious and inefficient processes slow down the success of your business. Whether you offer legal, financial, or other knowledge-based services, now is the right time to automate!

Workshop at a glance

TitleAutomation Ideation: Building a Future-Ready Business with Automation
Duration16 hours (approximately)
LocationOn-site or remote (via Zoom)
Available languagesEnglish, German
Price390€ per hour (excl. VAT & travel expenses)

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